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We welcome you to Jive’s Program Springtime 2024 where we proudly present 7 concerts where musicians from the “whole” world visit Vejle.

Friday, January 26, 19:30, Bygningen, Vejle

Kristin Korb Trio

Kristin Korb was born in the United States and educated here first as a classical bassist, then as a jazz bassist and singer. You can expect super sophisticated and elegant swinging bass lines from Kristin Korb. At the same time, you will meet a vocalist with a beautiful, crystalline voice. We are reminded of singers/pianists Diana Krall and Eliane Elias!
With her this evening, she has two of Scandinavia’s most elegant and swinging musicians. Swedish pianist Magnus Hjorth is the highest international class. On the drums, the Norwegian swing phenomenon Snorre Kirk – is an incredibly skilled and sensitive musician. He is an elegantier in jazz, performing with both feathered elegance and dynamic drive.
Smile, joy, harmony, elegance, swing and communication are what is in store. In a time of many challenges, this orchestra has set itself the task of playing hope and joy in all of us. Expect a great evening.

Line-up: Kristin Korb – bass and vocals, Magnus Hjorth – Piano, Snorre Kirk – Drums

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Thursday, February 1, 19:30, Nørremarkskirken, Vejle

Mine Miniaturer

This is singer and composer Camilla Dayyani’s very big, innovative project. Together with her own jazz orchestra, Camilla Dayyani Group, appears a string quartet as well as two Iranian musicians with traditional Persian instruments.
The jazz band includes the Danish top musicians Fredrik Lundin and Thomas Sejthen as well as the Polish pianist Artur Tuznik. Jazz is really in play with these musicians. The string quartet contributes in the most beautiful way with the classic angle of music. The two Iranian (folk) musicians with their traditional instruments contribute to ethnicity and the popular. Finally, there is the protagonist, Danish-Iranian Camilla Dayyani, who has composed all the material and sings so beautifully with a great and intense voice.
The four musical elements (jazz, classical, tradition and song) really go into a beautiful and higher unity. Here you can feel hope, humanity and the community in unfolding.

Line Up: Lookup www.jive-jazz.dk

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Wednesday, February 21, 19:30, Bygningen, Vejle

Zambrini – Bodilsen – Maretti Andersen

Italian pianist Antonio Zambrini visits Jive with his Danish trio including bassist Jesper Bodilsen and drummer Martin Maretti Andersen. It’s winter, it’s in many ways a cold season. Music is needed that creates tranquility and balance, and that is exactly what this trio’s music can do.
From the piano, delightful tones flow from a seemingly inexhaustible musical source at Zambrini. His feathered and harmonious games on the keys mix with Jesper Bodilsen’s great bass lines, while Martin Maretti almost minimalist accentuates the beautifully interwoven game. It is the interaction of the highest class that the three talented musicians present.
In Italy, Antonio Zambrini is a well -known name. He has interpreted the Italian song treasure and jazzified, for example, composer Nino Rota’s music in an excellent way.
It is a pleasure for Jive to be able to present this trio, where innerness and tranquility are at the center.

Line-up: Antonio Zambrini – Piano, Jesper Bodilsen – bass, Martin Maretti Andersen – drums

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Monday, March 11, 19:30, Bygningen, Vejle

Baun Trio + Mathias Heise

This is something as rare as a new, male, Danish vocalist. Søren Baun is also a pianist and educated as such from Rhythm Kons in Copenhagen. His starting point is in the more popular contemporary artists, such as Steely Dan, Bill Withers, formidable Beatles and especially the Master, Stevie Wonder. These artists now are treated with Søren Baun Trio’s special touch, where vocals and piano merge with bass and drums, so you think these tunes have always been jazz repertoire.
Mathias Heise has the same melodic qualities of the harmonica as legendary Toots Thielemans, ie a complete championship. It is a great musician that Jive is looking forward to presenting. Baun Trio + Mathias Heise “Will Blow Your Mind” with great vocals, great rhythms and a great harmonica player.
It will be a party and you can safely take newcomers to jazz this evening. Here is a door to an exciting universe.

Line-up: Søren Baun – Song and Piano, Mathias Heise – Mouth harp, Morten Ankarfeldt – bass, Rasmus Lund – drums

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Wednesday 10 April 19:30, Bygningen, Vejle

Markussen – Fryland Quintet

Uffe Markussen played the saxophone in DR Big Band (DRBB) from 1990-2012. Only the best musicians are hired there. Trumpet player Thomas Fryland has also had a career in DRBB, part of the years together with Uffe Markussen. Thomas and Uffe also have in common that they are both grown up in Jutland, both emigrated to Copenhagen and have now moved back to the roots. Both are now playing in Nordkraft Big Band in Aalborg.
Aalborg is also the common denominator of the other three members of the quintet.
Carsten Kær at the piano has over time landed in jazz after detours to Heavy Rock. Carsten Landors is also a strong force in the Northern Jutland jazz landscape. The younger person is bassist Andreas Schmitz. He is educated by the Hague Conservatory and has played a lot in Dutch jazz.
It is a very strong team of musicians who will keep the Blue Note Flame alive this evening. Come and listen how it happens in the year 2024.

Line-up: Thomas Fryland – Trumpet, Uffe Markussen – Tenor Sax, Carsten Kær – Piano, Andreas Schmitz – Bass, Carsten Landors – Drums

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Monday April 22, 19:30, Bygningen, Vejle

Dinesen / AC / Sonne

This is intense music from a great Danish trio. The trio consists of Danish top musicians with experiences from jazz, rock and pop. Here, however, jazz is the focal point.
The trio plays both original material and numbers of their sources of inspiration, such as bassist Charlie Haden and saxophonist Eddie Harris. There will be quick intense numbers and there will be ballads that really unfold the group’s potential. The audience will experience a presence and intensity from the stage.
The young audience may know these musicians from their rock background. Here they show ways into jazz where the opportunities for musical development may be more obvious, and why not just work in both worlds? There are no contradictions in music. Genre designations are, in fact, artificial boundaries that do not apply to a musician of the heart.
Experience the power of the present in this trio as it creates cohesion and sensuality between musicians and the audience.

Line-up: Jakob Dinesen – Sax, Anders AC Christensen – bass, Laust Sonne – drums

Further reading (danish) & tickets here.

Wednesday 15 May 19:30, the building in Vejle
The Dragon

The head of The Dragon, guitarist and composer Hans Henrik Bay has road roots. He, 25 years ago, helped start “Ensemble New”, which played with great success on many stages from Jive in the Umbrella to Blue Note Club in New York City.
The Dragon will play original Hans Henrik Bay songs, where the inspiration can come from the Blue Note Sound from the 1960s. Ballads and up-tempo numbers will vary. You will be able to trace a Balkan inspiration in some places. It is a recent vein that Hans Henrik Bay has accessed. Some of the compositions will be quite composed. However, everything will be tasted with jazz spices, so you get an indication of what a contemporary jazz musician can do to bring the inspiring Blue Note Sound a little further. There will also be room for some standards, and we will not get tastings from Bay’s previous release, “Dreams”, which was inspired by fusion music.
Hans Henrik Bay – guitar, Niels Vincentz – Sax, Torben Bødker Bjørnskov – bass, Anders Mogensen – drums

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